Sally Holt

Do you find you are busy doing things in your life that you forget about giving yourself the time for you: self-care, nourishing ones inner child, navigating a challenging transition, birthing a new stage of life, bringing your vision to life and so many other things that life throws at you? This is for you!

I work as a transpersonal practitioner, using my training in Transpersonal Art Therapy, Intentional Creativity® and energy work. Through personalised one-on-one sessions and workshops, I am here to:

  • hold a safe container to be a trusted witness that is accepting, non-judgmental and respectful
  • using a range of healing techniques and states of consciousness to expand your self awareness
  • allow you to reclaim your own unique beauty and voice
  • a space to discover that you have the answers within
  • facilitating you in birthing your personal vision and taking it out into the world.
  • provide tools to be able to navigate all that life throws at you and to have fun along the way
  • introduce you to the power of art as medicine that creates freedom from what may hold you back in a gentle and nurturing way

You may not feel creative but taking time for you is important, no-one else can create a change that can have an impact on your physical, mental and inner-self wellbeing. 

Best of all – I am here to show you that no artistic skills are required. It’s not about creating art, it’s about using the canvas or medium as a portal for change.

“Thank you for guiding us through an amazing healing journey. You give just the right amount of guidance, balanced with a sensitive stepping back to allow the unfolding to happen naturally. I can feel a change in my sacrum already. And I am inspired!”

– Marina

Sally Holt, Art-Full Expressions
0427 548 639

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  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
  • Group Sessions:Yes
  • Training, Education, Workshops and Retreats:Yes
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