• Sea Goddess celebrates the sacred art and ancient practices of organic fusion, hand blending, and burning rich aromatic ingredients found in tree and plant resins from all around the world.
  • Sustainably sourced and 100 per cent natural, Sea Goddess Earth Incense retains a sensory allure to enliven the spirit and mesmerise the senses.

Sea Goddess nurtures an age-old love for nature and a grounding respect for our ancient limbed teachers. Our species could not survive without the might and mystery of prevailing tree life. As the sun is elemental in the shaping of the seasons and the rhythms of our planet, we too need nourishment, rest to realign, space and balance, to find our flow.

Each worldly blend has a unique intention to support you with your story, your self-discovery, your revelation. Enjoy the simple ritual of burning Sea Goddess blends in the company of friends and family, or embrace a moment of solitude amid the alchemy of these wonderful Earth elements.

Earth Incense is consciously curated using sustainably farm-crafted botanicals from the local and global community, proudly supporting family traditions passed down through generations.

Sea Goddess Australia
Stocked by: Kin, Mullumbimby; Santos Mullumbimby and Byron Bay
0439 478 988

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