Seeds of the Sun Yoni Eggs

Seeds of the Sun Byron Bay offers a range of crystal self-pleasure products including yoni wands and eggs.

A yoni egg is a carved and polished crystal egg intended to be inserted into your vagina. The word “yoni” is Sanskrit and means “womb,” although modern use usually refers to yoni as the vulva or vagina. The yoni egg is inserted into the vagina with the intention of strengthening the vaginal muscles, connecting with your sacred feminine energy, and toning the pelvic floor. These crystal eggs are also held internally during meditation by some women to access a more connected and divine feminine energy.

“Self pleasure” is one act of self-care that often gets overlooked. Yoni wands are self pleasure tools, hand-crafted to stimulate vaginal erogenous zones and expand your orgasmic experience. Whether you plan to use your wand alone or with a partner, for a massage to help release tension and increase vitality in the genital area, or for Tantric exploration, we have a variety of different ones to suit your interests and needs.

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