Selin Ebeci

Authentic Self Hypnotherapy

Selin helps you become your most authentic self and live the life you want. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that is essentially a very deep guded interactive meditation intentionally crafted to achieve your personal goal. Selin specialises in procrastination and recurring life patterns, ans she also helps people with lack of self-worth, manifestation, negative emotions & limiting beliefs, insomnia, anxiety, getting over a breakup, infertility, public speaking, achieving goals by removing limiting beliefs, any addictions, any phobias, relationship patterns, pain management, stress relief, traumas and more.

Selin is trained and certified as a hypnotherapist and a NLP Practitioner and she has been helping  clients to achieve their goals since 2018. She offers online or in-person hypnotherapy sessions, session packages and personalised hypnosis recordings. Online sessions are as effective as in-person sessions.

I’ve seen Selin 3-4 times in her Byron Bay in-person office. I’ve had some incredible results from working with her, she is an incredible hypnotherapist and I really trust her ability to hold space and it feels really safe and nurturing and her voice is really calming. We worked on some pretty big things, a lot of emotions, really powerful. We worked on things like being seen, my expression, a lot of shame and fear around all this stuff, having my needs met. It’s taken me through various memories throughout my life, and afterwards, I always feel an incredible shift in where I am coming from, my programming and where I am operating from. These sessions helped me to see it all but also shift out of it. I really believe in Selin’s work and I highly recommend seeing her. Her in-person sessions are amazing if you can make it to Byron, otherwise her online sessions are great too.

– Lisa Jane Spencer

I was struggling with Gambling Addiction and some other maladaptive behaviours, that fell out of that, when we first started working together and through Selin’s techniques and her gentle approach I’ve been able to stop gambling after many years of trying and not succeeding. My self-esteem has now improved, I’ve learned to reduce the chaos in my life and to be more structured in my behaviours and emotions.

– Mark Monaghan

Selin Ebeci, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner
0466 480 926

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