Shimara Sheehan

Receive a very powerful high vibrational sound healing and meditation with Shimara. He works in a profound way with spirit and sound, to speak directly to your heart and soul.

Shimara is a shaman, reiki master, channel, spiritual teacher, sound journey facilitator. To assist you, Shimara connects with spirit and intuitively combines energy healing modalities, high dimensional energies, shamanic frequencies and sacred languages. He can support your soul, heart, mind and body to clear, shift energies, open to change, new possibilities.

Shimara’s intention is to support you to connect with your heart and manifest a joyful, peaceful, prosperous life. After a session, you can experience relief from stress and physical pain, emotional clearing, chakra balancing, peace, increased energy, vitality, and greater clarity. Connect with Shimara live/online and discover how he can support you with ease and grace.

‘So profound are the gifts his soul shares. His energy is constantly in the vibration of love. Spirit flows through Shimara with such grace and ease, delivered with power and intention of highest divine love and magical sacred language.’

‘I feel clear, lighter with a fresh perspective in life. Amazing transformations happening in me, my home. You are an angel.’

Shimara Sheehan
Shamanic reiki energy healer, channel, spiritual teacher, sound facilitator
Divine Sacred Healing
0491 760 194