Shirsha Marie

Shirsha Marie has over 38 years teaching experience in embodied meditation and movement practices which integrate body, breath and mind. In 1986 she founded her own health and martial arts school, Heart Mind Centre in Byron Bay, and has taught a great many dedicated students both soft and strong martial art styles for cultivating vital life energy.

Shirsha is a senior teacher of the moving meditation art of Tai Chi and the healing exercise art of Qigong, and holds advanced Black Belt qualifications across a range of martial art styles. She is a qualified Somatic Psychotherapist and trained as a Mindfulness and Compassion teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition.

Tai Chi is a soft-style martial art which has its roots in the nature-based philosophy of Taoism — an ancient, heart-based teaching of simplicity, stillness in action and harmony with nature. It’s graceful, circular movements develop balance, internal strength and awareness through alignment, relaxation and meditation.

Qigong is an ancient, self-healing exercise system which incorporates Taoist body-mind wisdom, Buddhist meditation practices and Chinese medical theories. Its gently flowing moves co-ordinated with deep breathing teach us how to connect with universal energy and build Qi, to nourish every organ, gland and tissue of the body.

Body Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process which integrates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It transforms underlying emotional defence patterns and negative beliefs through somatic intelligence which allows one to realise their innate strengths and joyful nature.

Shirsha teaches classes in Bangalow, Mullumbimby and Brunswick Heads, and holds Qigong Health & Meditation Retreats at Sangsurya Retreat Centre, Byron Bay. She offers individual sessions of Body Psychotherapy and runs online Qigong classes. You can find her beautiful range of Instructional Qigong videos on her website. Her unique and warm-hearted teaching style makes these body-mind-energy systems accessible and inspirational for everybody.

“Through Tai Chi and Qigong I experience a profound sense of myself and my world. They are powerful vehicles that bring my mind into union with my body, my life force and into resonance with the heartbeat of life. My years training with Shirsha have been a wonderful blend of informative instruction and interesting learning. We are incredibly lucky to be taught by a teacher who not only is passionate about these arts, but embodies grace, patience and the rare ability to transfer her knowledge whilst retaining impeccably the integrity of these extraordinary arts.”

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Shirsha Marie
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