Carolyn Boniface
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a non-intrusive healing modality that has a profoundly stilling and regulating effect on the central nervous system. It supports the system to a deep state of neutral, the foundational state essential for all healing to occur and for any negative pattern to shift.
  • During a treatment a greater level of coherency will be achieved on all levels of being, allowing resolution and integration physically, psycho-emotionally and spiritually. The work focuses on wholeness, engaging simultaneously the bioelectric field, the fluid and tissue system and the interconnection with the web of life.  This has a profound effect on healing damaged and violated boundaries due to trauma events.
  • A Biodynamic treatment supports a healing process that unfolds organically from deep within the organism. It focuses on the inherent health and engages the life force potency intrinsic to all living systems. This can bring about resolution of complex conditions that may have been previously difficult to resolve and source. It will enhance the resilience and restorative capacities of the organism bringing about emotional stability, physical ease and healing at a core level.
  • The list of conditions a Biodynamic approach can support is vast. It is however particularly helpful and can offer rapid results for healing all trauma impacts, boundary violations, deep stress disorders, shock, depression and unexplained chronic pain. It is highly recommended for anyone who has been involved in an automobile accident, be it low or high impact.  
  • Animals have an uncanny responsiveness to Biodynamic treatments and animal treatments are available upon request.

Carolyn is also an advanced certified practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and has pioneered a unique biodynamic, non-intrusive and pain free approach.  This ten-session process will offer alignment and cohesiveness, mental and physical balance, inner harmony and the alleviation of many pain syndromes. It is a process for those seeking fundamental change. It is very supportive for the super sensitive individual who has difficulty coping with more physically intrusive approaches.

Carolyn has been in practice for over 23 years.  She is a serious Vipassana meditator, gardener and horse lover. She finds her greatest wellbeing in spending many hours a day in the heart field of her two beautiful horses, a profoundly nourishing and regenerating therapeutic field.

“Dear Carolyn, it has been a short time since I saw you, I don’t know how to explain how my life has become.  I feel at ease and peace with in myself, happier, contented.  I thank The Lord every day and pray that other people who felt like I did will find their way to you.  GOD BLESS YOU. With a happy heart.”

– Coral Smith, Kingscliff NSW

“It was the deepest therapy I have ever known.  I have been so tranquil, so present and so happy.  I trust in life again…. I am not afraid of being alone anymore… it has been a miracle.”

– Melissa Collins

“My world is soft, painless, beautiful, content, calm, blessed….Forever in my mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit thank you for bringing all of this together.”

Tina Butler, Byron Bay

Carolyn Boniface
Advanced Certified Rolf & Biodynamic Practitioner
289 Nolans Road, Stokers Siding
0401 452 762
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