Play | Laugh | Nourish

Experience incredible horse-human interactions at their Sweet Retreats and ground yourself in the soul-enriching environment of Sugar Beach Ranch. 

Embrace a digital detox and the art of slow living while finding balance between a myriad of nature-immersive experiences, including: 

  • Equine wellness 
  • Alfresco painting in the paddock
  • Sound bowl therapy 
  • Yoga, meditation and breath work
  • Sand scrubbing
  • Forest planting 
  • and much more, including lots of leisurely time to explore the grounds of Sugar Beach Ranch. 

During a three-day, two-night escape, guests are enveloped in luxury without sacrificing the grounding connection to nature. Relish a menu featuring seasonal delights sourced from local catering partners, and reside in glamping tents nestled near a magnesium pool and a 5-minute walk to the pristine, white-sandy beaches.

Join their wellness facilitator, Maxime Willems, who is certified by the Australian Equine Psychotherapy Institute and has a rich background in sociology, counselling, Gestalt therapy, yoga and horsemanship. Maxime will guide you through activities aimed at regulating your nervous system. 

Sweet Retreats honour the interconnectedness of all living things and utilise nature’s elements for teaching and healing. With an itinerary meticulously planned around mindfulness and being present, this is a one-of-a-kind space where women can alleviate stress; come together to play, laugh and nourish their souls all in #NaturesPlayground.

Sugar Beach Ranch is a family-owned beachfront property with 60 acres of natural beauty located just 40 minutes south of Byron Bay, Australia. Also known as ‘Nature’s Playground’, it is one of the most secluded treasures offering a variety of services including ranch stays, equine therapy, weddings and elopements, youth programs, events and more – everything a rural heaven can offer.


“My experience of a Sweet Retreat at Sugar Beach Ranch was delicious, inspiring and blissful! Glamping by the ocean on such a beautiful country, connecting with the horses and creative expression in nature, planting trees and tuning in together with a gorgeous group of women here was profound. The facilitation and welcome to the retreat was hearty and helpful, and our meals were exquisite! Dining under the stars with a bonfire and nourishing feast and much laughter, such a delight. And each meal and moment with the Sweet Retreat has been richly appreciated with fabulous tastes, sights, insights and relaxation”. 


Sugar Beach Ranch
259 Keith Hall Lane, South Ballina
02 5642 0187