Tania Mattiocco

Book an introductory session to experience the inBODIFY Method. Tailored uniquely to you, this gentle blend of a body reading, breathing, movement and alignment allows deep embodiment and grounding, and a stronger connection to yourself. This calms the nervous system, softens tension, and allows your energy to flow.

The InBODIFY Method can be a stand-alone session or the first step into the deeper work of inBODIFY Therapy. The inBODIFY practice connects you to the parts of yourself that cannot be accessed by words alone. By removing blocks and negativity that keep you disconnected from your real self, inBODIFY allows you the energy to conduct and live your life in more pleasurable and affirming ways.

‘Tania has a way of making me feel safe to dig deep into my traumas, and enables me to release trapped energies safely. Tania is not only supportive, but with loving boundaries, also holds me accountable. I highly recommend embarking on this journey, which really is a relationship of returning to yourself.’

– Hannah, Byron Bay

Tania Mattiocco, inBODIFY
Dip. Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy, Dip. Counselling
0423 349 808