Dr Ann-Mary Amber

Dr Ann-Mary Amber – Integrative Medical Doctor

Lorelei Berriman – Integrative Health Nurse

With over 20 years experience servicing the Byron Shire community, the team at The Allergy Clinic puts customer care first and are passionate supporting the local community.

At The Allergy Clinic they test and treat over 20 different environmental allergies to inhalant substances that could be the cause of your allergy symptoms. They provide a holistic approach to allergy desensitisation, combining the reduction of environmental exposure, lifestyle and diet education in an integrative team approach. 

Do you suffer from:

Lorelei Berriman
  • hay fever (allergic rhinitis) 
  • sinusitis
  • allergic conjunctivitis
  • facial itch
  • blocked nose 
  • nocturnal mouth breathing 
  • snoring
  • brain fog or 
  • fatigue

They test and treat allergies caused by:

  • pollens
  • grasses
  • house dust mite
  • animal dander (cat, dog, horse) 

Allergy Desensitisation is a treatment specifically prescribed according to the patient’s allergy tests. It is a compounded formula customised to your specific allergies, self-administered by the patient at home under the tongue. Patients become more tolerant to the substances to which they are allergic to as their allergies neutralise.

The Allergy Clinic treats children from the age of 3 years. 

Who should consider

Allergy desensitisation is a great option for people:

  • who would prefer to avoid pharmaceutical medications
  • who have severe symptoms
  • where the substance is difficult to avoid
  • where medications are ineffective or cause adverse effects 

Referral options will be discussed and offered to see ASCIA registered Clinical Immunologist for further opinion and when investigating food allergies and serious Type 1 IgE mediated allergic reactions – information and hand out provided 

Telehealth appointments are available for:

Follow up consultations, and if the patient provides a positive blood test for environmental allergies. 

The Allergy Clinic, Byron Bay
The Health Lodge, 78 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay 2481
02 6685 6445

Additional Details

  • Consultation/Treatment Room:Yes
  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Phone Consultations:Yes
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