The foundation to spirituality is the path of Self Knowledge. This includes embodying one’s intrinsic nature and extending this to others. I am able to bring you deeply within to the true essence of yourself where relative disturbances are resolved and overcome according to your inner rhythm.

I use the sacred Enneagram system to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves, to deepen their connection with others and resolve differences that may be experienced as conflict and struggle.

I am able to deliver potent insights as to what lies at the heart of any problem in the dynamics of human relationships from any family member to friend, lover or work colleague.

The Enneagram is a sacred system that reveals your own cosmic blueprint survival pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The work we do is an awakening.

I am able to guide one who is ready to move past the superficial to a deeper intrinsic understanding of who you are and why you function the way you do. I guide you to embody the best version of yourself which will make you more effective than you can ever imagine being and very subtly your entire world can expand and shift.

  • Understand your life path and walk it with confidence and purpose
  • Uncover the unconscious patterns hindering your life and release them
  • Resolve inner blockages to move forward
  • Transform conflicts at a core level and experience deep healing
  • Experience transformative shifts in your relationships
  • Enhance your connection and intimacy with others
  • Ignite your inner spark and shine brightly
  • Increase your clarity and vitality

Sunaina’s process, methods and life’s lessons has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Her guidance has taken me to the depths of my real essence while her presence and truth viewing, allowed me to enter deeply within backed by tools that healed my entire perception.
I experienced The Embrace as stepping the real me and taste my highest potential. Sunaina demonstrated an ability to put her intentions into practice with great light of true wisdom.

– Siddhartha Sun

Sunaina tutored me for two years in finding my deepest wholeness and connection which gave me a whole new direction. Her potent insights and wisdom gave me the courage to move forwards into my chosen career and experience greater awareness and clarity.
If you are ready to excavate your authentic self, Sunaina most definitely offers profoundly rich and impactful insights that have been monumentally beneficial and gave me such a deep sense of purpose.

– Heather Elwell

The Embrace with Sunaina
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