A herbal blend for elevated hygiene for the nose and throat. The Herbal Shield™ is for use when at work, at school, shopping, out with friends, visiting people, hospitals, when travelling, for added hygiene around the nose, mouth, the and the hands. Can be applied to a face mask.

There are many benefits with The Herbal Shield. It is a herbal hygiene formula, with potent plant extracts known for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

The nose and throat are the doorways to the lungs, the pathway for germs and air borne pollutants to enter the body. The premium herbal oils assist in providing a hygienic environment in the nasal passage, the mouth and throat. Cup your hand around the nose and breath in the nano particles.

The Herbal Shield incorporates calming aromas to assist with feelings of anxiety and stress which many are experiencing in these times.

The Herbal Shield can be applied to the hands as an herbal cleanser when water or sanitiser is unavailable. The Herbal Shield can be used often throughout the day. Breathe it in for all the benefits to help calm the mind and cleanse the nostrils and the throat. Fortifying and cleansing.

“Your product is something everyone would benefit from, it has so many uses.”

– R Upton, Vic

“I have one in the car, one in the hand bag and one at home, I use it at work, if someone visits or when I go out. I put it on my pillow every night before sleep.”

– M Harper, NSW

“Knowing I have The Herbal Shield in my bag at all times I feel more in control and at ease. I know it has helped to keep me well in winter when others are sneezing and coughing. A much-loved product in our family.”

– A Reynolds, Tas

The Herbal Shield™
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