101 & Group Eco-Psycho-Somatic Healing process

Trevor Wills

Utilising a rare capacity to listen to the dynamics and intelligence of the body-mind, the bio-electric pathways and fields of our consciousness, in direct feedback and relation with our mind(set).
With precision touch and unwavering oral guidance and support, Trevor assists you to find genuine healing and release states. 
We cannot change our mind unless our body and its sensorium change with it.

With oral guidance, sensory engagement, and consensual accountability for your own perception and reactions, we can get out of our own body(minds)’s way.
Strong benefits for PTSD, depression, addiction, pain, suppressed emotion, chronic fatigue, anxiety, detox, cancer support, meditation and embodiment practices.

Eco-psycho-somatic in practise, bio-energetic in approach, deep-ecology and animist in relation… All grounded in organismic coherence with the Chinese, myofascial and character armour structural energy systems.

“My session with Trevor was profound to say the least. The presence and depth he offers is extremely rare, not to mention his knowledge of the human body and energetics.
I felt incredibly held and supported throughout the entire session. My body was able to release very old layers of trauma in the most gentle way.“

– Mieka Phoenix

Trevor Wills
0417 440 261

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  • Consultation/Treatment Room:Yes
  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
  • Group Sessions:Yes
  • Training, Education, Workshops and Retreats:Yes
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