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Tristan Bray

Tristan provides a unique and very safe space for his client’s needs through this incredible modality. A session provides the opportunity for safe, neutral, non-sexual touch; so that clients walk away with a heightened sense of self.

Attunement Therapy is founded on some of the most ancient biological principles relevant to human physical and emotional health. Evolution has wired us to be physically connected with other people on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body, to de-stress and to heal.

This modality helps reduce fear, trauma, stress and anxiety in our life. Its influence on the nervous system balances hormones, which leads to enhanced digestion, immunity, longevity and physical wellness. This therapy is stunning in its simplicity and effectiveness.

‘I am confident in saying Attunement Therapy is the most profound healing therapy that I have ever experienced.’ 

– Brijana, NSW

‘The space Tristan holds is impeccable so that I could fully surrender into his heartbeat, which nurtured my soul.’ 

– Sarah, WA

Tristan Bray
Creator and International Teacher of Attunement Therapy
02 6684 0434