Petina Sponder

Petina Sponder

MA Psychotherapy and Counselling

Certified Kids Life Coach

  • Equipping kids with practical tools and skills to conquer the challenges of daily life.
  • Cultivate emotional literacy to build resilience, confidence, and empathy.
  • Nudging kids onto a new, more positive trajectory filled with hope and optimism.

U Choose, kids’ life coaching, offers something that is different from traditional forms of counselling or therapy. Coaching is about amplifying children’s strengths and talents. It is not about ‘fixing’ something that is perceived as ‘wrong’ with a child. 

It is also about the awareness and maintenance of health – both physical and psychological.  Life is full of toxic influences that undermine the balance of health. Teaching children to be aware of these negative influences, understanding how to combat and conquer them, gives kids the life skills necessary to meet any challenge with courage and confidence.

Kids’ life coaching offers children a real opportunity to explore and embrace a growth mindset. It teaches children about choice, both the possibilities and the responsibilities associated with it. It guides children towards emotional regulation through the awareness, recognition and naming of thoughts and feelings. It shows children how to be masters of their inner world by switching repetitive negative thoughts patterns to positive, energised statements of optimism and self-belief, empowering children to acquire and use practical skills to tackle everyday problems. And because they learn these new skills within the context of playing, the programme is both fun and engaging.  

Life coaching gently nudges children onto a new, more positive trajectory that will ultimately lead to big shifts in their understanding and perspective of life. 

Thank you, Petina, for coming into our daughter’s life! I’ve noticed such a big difference since your time together as her life coach.  She seems more confident and happier in herself.  She is better equipped now to venture into the teenage years. You are an amazing coach and have been an absolute positive impact on her.”


Petina is a true gem in the field of child life coaching. She is passionate, knowledgeable and caring, and I would highly recommend her to any parent looking for support for their child. Her unwavering support has helped my son build his confidence and self-esteem. Petina’s gentle and patient approach is perfectly suited for working with children, and she always finds ways to engage them in activities that are both fun and educational.”


U Choose
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