Vanamala Mayr-Reisch
  • Look younger naturally with Face Yoga. It targets wrinkles, droopy eyelids, double chin, asymmetry, weak eyesight, Bell’s Palsy, and TMJ.
  • Vanamala is a non-surgical facelift expert. People contact her from around the world for her unique approach and diverse skillset.
  • Sessions, classes and workshops online and in person, co-operative events, private groups.

Face Yoga uses muscle exercises, conscious breathing, and body poses to tone and lift the face naturally. It is highly effective against wrinkles, droopy eyes, uneven jawline, double chin and weak eyesight. Specialised in treating Bell’s Palsy and TMJ.

Blending her skills as a certified Face Yoga teacher, a physiotherapist, and eye-fitness trainer, Vanamala draws on over thirty-five years’ experience. During a consultation, she creates a safe space to talk about your facial areas of concern. A comprehensive assessment allows her to develop an exercise program tailored to you and the results you want. Vanamala loves Face Yoga because it is a gentle yet powerful process of transformation. It makes you look younger, feel empowered, and rediscover confidence and self-love.

Vanamala Mayr-Reisch
Physiotherapist, Eye Fitness Trainer, founder of Face Yoga Australia
Face Yoga Australia, Stuart Street, Mullumbimby
02 6684 3070

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  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
  • Group Sessions:Yes
  • Training, Education, Workshops and Retreats:Yes
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