• Cos·mol·o·gy  noun
    The definition of cosmology in the dictionary is: a science of how the universe started and how it is structured. An example of cosmology is the study of the big bang theory.
  • Have you considered your own personal cosmology?
  • How did your universe start?

If you sense there is more to you than just the here and now. If you want to discover the influences that have helped shape your perceptions and experience both in this life and all consciousness you are rocking in all points of time, let me take you to Essence, YOU, all the way back to Source, removing any blocks, obstacles or disconnections that stand in the way. Be informed by your own knowing and experience wisdom through a deeper, more resonant connection with your intuition. 

As you embody Essence, you will have unlimited access to all your gifts, talents, memories, lineage connection and unique juju.

It’s the beginning of many great things.

Vicki Veranese
Retreats Byron Bay in the Byron Hinterland
0412 400 085