Nicole Haberecht

Nicole is the founder of White Feathers Holistic Therapies. Her personal lifelong commitment to natural health and therapies led her to care for others in a professional manner. In 2016 she studied Angelic Reiki, believed by many to be the highest vibrational healing in existence.  and began working as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner. She connects with The Angelic Kingdom Of Light and brings through the perfect healing for you at this time. Angelic Reiki heals on all four planes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Nicole also studied Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development through the International Meditation and Teachers and Therapists Association, graduating to become a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor. Nicole went on to become a qualified Crystal Healer, Sound/Vibration Therapist and Flower Therapy Healer. In 2020 she set up her own practice, White Feathers Holistic Therapies, in Nimbin NSW, offering gentle, yet highly effective treatments, assisting her clients to bring their life into balance and create new beginnings.

Since diving deep into the power of frequency healing modalities, Nicole also thought it important to be investing in the best water, not only for herself but also for her clients and retreat centre. Investing in Kangen Water has been incredible for her own health journey as it offers pure hydrogen rich antioxidants which can be absorbed six times faster than any other water, easing the three main causes of dis-ease in the body – inflammation, dehydration and acidosis. This type of water can act as a tool for detoxification and healing.

In 2021, Angelic Reiki International received new wisdom and a specific protocol ‘Angelic Reiki Reconnection Healing’, from Archangel Metatron stating this is “The Healing For Our Time”. This is a very powerful healing process to assist clients on their reconnection journey after the Covid 19 injections. Are you questioning your medical decisions or were you forced? Are you feeling a sense of remorse? Have you been feeling that your inner light, creativity or empathy has dimmed? Nicole can assist you to reconnect with your higher self, Christ Consciousness and all that is DIVINE.

I have a disability and over the last 2 months I literally was in a lot of pain I actually couldn’t walk at all for 2 weeks at all. Nicole was kind enough to work with her angles.  I actually couldn’t believe it within only 2 days I was feeling so much better and for the first time in a long time I was not even using my wheely Walker. There was a lot of crying and emotions going on I honestly can’t thank Nicole enough she is amazing. I can’t recommend Nicole enough. I am so grateful. Thankyou Nicole you are my are my angel love.

~ Meg Davey

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