Miles Sanderson, Somatic Experiencing/Bodywork

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Byron Bay

  • Releasing trauma from the system.
  • Learning tools to promote peace and greater wellbeing.
  • Understanding your nervous system and how to utilise it in everyday life.

Somatic experiencing is a profound modality specialising in trauma resolution. It is designed to discharge excess energy trapped within the nervous system and promote greater capacity and resilience within. It helps to identify unhelpful patterns and triggers that are often linked to trauma and find tangible ways in which to move around them and live more healthily. Sessions interweave talk and hands-on therapy and focus on how to create more wellbeing in the system rather than a re-telling of the story.

Miles works in a way that creates curiosity and enthusiasm to explore at a self-driven and safe pace. He masterfully facilitates looking inwards, into sometimes uncomfortable places, in a way that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

The Health Lodge – Byron Integrated Medicine
78 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay
02 6685 6445
[email protected]
 The Health Lodge – Byron Integrated Medicine

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