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‘I highly recommend Paritosho to everyone! As an enthusiastic recipient of her sessions I have experienced powerful results, assisting me at various life stages.’
– A Melinz, Banora Point

Kinesiology with Paritosho can help to quieten the mind, calm the emotions and restore peace and connection to your inner silence, which is in itself healing.

Kinesiology uses the Chinese meridian system, neurology and muscle testing to restore balance around health issues of the body, emotions and mind/spirit.

Nutrition, food testing, clearing sabotage programmes, structural realignment, life and relationship rebalancing are some of the scope of this multi-faceted modality.

Paritosho is also an experienced remedial massage therapist working to alleviate pain and discomfort and restore calm, flexibility and equilibrium.

Paritosho Rowe B.A. Int Grad Dip of Kinesiopractic, Dip of R.M.
Ocean Shores Health & Kinesiology
02 6680 2475, 0416 187 654
[email protected]

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