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‘Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa is such a wonderful place for soul, body and mind. I have been a regular customer for over two years and I am always treated with such love and kindness. I am very holistic based, so they help maintain my beauty needs. I would highly recommend Ozone to any one after a holistic beauty experience.’ – Sophie Giles

Oxygen is the source of all life! In this 21st century age of technology, it is vital to slow and calm the mind and to have pure sources of oxygen to relieve stress and restore youth. Kirsty is a qualified oxygen and ozone technician, Bio Sculpture nail technician and Heritage Healers trained holistic beauty therapist who offers personalised beauty therapy with activated oxygen (aka Ozone) to allow your inner beauty to shine through.

Kirsty is also the co-director of Ozone Pure Oils who manufacture a skin care range of Organic Ozonated Oils for distribution across Australia. Kirsty has recently trained in non- surgical facelifts using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFu) which is a three to six month program of natural lifting, firming and skin tightening treatments for the body and/ or face. Your first anti-ageing consultation is free so visit in store to see the beautiful range of Australian made vegan skincare, makeup and locally made jewellery.

Kirsty Barnett MA BA Dip Ed
Heritage Healers Holistic Beauty, Massage & Ozone Therapist
Shop 3/32 Mullumbimbi Street, Brunswick Heads
02 6685 1145
[email protected]

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