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Byron Bay, Brisbane

‘I recently attended Mana Yoga Retreats in Byron Bay. The itinerary was a perfect balance of laidback yoga classes and beach time to relax. The staff were easygoing, yet organised, and the food was fantastic. I found that the yoga and guided meditations brought clarity in areas where I was needing a new perspective.’
– Lorna Jane Clarkson

Mana Yoga Retreats is a place to reconnect and find your fire within. Created from a passion to bring yoga and people together, Mana Yoga Retreats joins together a yoga community of like-minded people in a fun and inspiring atmosphere.

These retreats are a melting pot of people, from CEOs to busy mums to ER doctors. You’ll enjoy beachfront accommodation, gourmet food, crisp white bedding, yoga, meditation, sound healing, hiking, massages, guided relaxation and more.

Mana Yoga Retreats
Belongil Beach, Byron Bay
0400 313 693
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