Radiant Resonance: Voice Therapy, Craniosacral

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Byron region,

  • Find your radiant-resonance and the voice of your authentic self.
  • Empower your voice and your presence in the world.
  • Restore and align with nourishing touch and sound.

Blending a strong technical foundation with an intuitive approach, Carmelle Moore draws on over thirty years’ experience working with voices.

Voice therapy sessions begin with comprehensive assessment and combine vocal techniques, mindfulness, voice dialogue and subtle yoga practices. Results include increased vocal power, stamina, range and flexibility.

Craniosacral Balancing is a deeply restorative treatment, which works with the fascia and nervous system, to realign the whole being to its natural state of deep relaxation and harmony.

Multidimensional realignment is supported by a radiantly-resonant soundscape weaving together voice, Tibetan and crystal bowls, chimes and crystal singing pyramids.

Carmelle Moore B.App.Sc.Sp.Path, C.P.S.P., MSPA
0422 360 909
[email protected]

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