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‘Some mediums work with telepathy, getting information from the client’s own subconscious, and that is why they tell you what you want to hear. Others, like myself, work with the client’s Higher Guides in Spirit. I bypass any unconscious sabotage from the client. l tell you what you need to hear.’ – Rhonda

Feedback from clients on Rhonda’s website is testament to her ability to bring clarity and healing to people all over the world. Rhonda’s skills are used in a counselling format. Rhonda gives you the understanding you require to heal the effects of events that have caused emotional, psychological and physical pain, allowing you to move forward in life.

‘… an hour session with Rhonda changed my perspective immediately. I literally had to pull over on the way home to come to terms with how profound the Reading was for me. Rhonda communicated information to me that was exceptionally accurate, and it even blew me away how well Rhonda understood the people in my life. You just have to see Rhonda. She will change your life and give you the outside-looking-in view of yourself, you need to hear about to better appreciate yourself as a person.’ – Mike, Brisbane

Rhonda’s Readings
02 6677 7517
Email contactable via website

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