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Since 2011 SuperFeast has been Australia’s premier provider of wild-crafted tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Tonic herbs have been used for thousands of years to bring health and vitality to the entire body, to prevent ageing, support longevity and to create inner and outer radiance. Created by passionate herb nerds – they only sell what they take!

Mason Taylor is a health educator and host of The Mason Taylor Show podcast. He is a passionate tonic herbalist and founder of SuperFeast, Australia’s leading tonic herb company. Mason is a dedicated teacher of how to embrace, and benefit from, the healing forces of nature. A long and happy life is the intention. Mason also brings a refreshing and cheeky sense of humour to his talks, podcast, and life, because longevity relies on a good belly laugh.

Tahnee McCrossin is a student of the body, weaving yoga and Taoism with somatic exploration and modern scientific understanding into an integrated system that supports longevity and self-healing of the body-mind-spirit. Through her work as a yoga and meditation teacher, Chi Ne Tsang practitioner and health researcher, she is striving to reunite the modern body-mind with the spiritual and psychological wisdom of the ancients.

SuperFeast, 4/20 Brigantine Street, Byron Bay
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