Tracey Ann Foster, Naturopath, Beautician, Healer

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Byron Bay

‘Tracey is one of the most gifted healers I’ve ever encountered. I felt so calm and centred after leaving. It really inspired me to let go of a whole lot of stuff that was exhausting me. Incredible masseuse too!’ – Sal Jade
‘Tracey really knows her stuff! She is caring, experienced, relaxing and fun.’ – Fiona P

Tracey has a Bachelor of Naturopathy and has developed a reputation as one of Byron’s best massage therapists. In addition to that, Tracey is a qualified beautician and metaphysical practitioner. She brings together a sophisticated blend of science, holism and humour to create an uncanny ability to directly assist you. Specifically to guide you in any areas of your life you know you could improve but may not be fully able to face or acknowledge alone. At times it feels as though you want to punch her as well as to thank her simultaneously!

A testament to the combination of her accurate honesty and compassionate approach. A truly wholehearted and dedicated guide in the field of natural holistic health.

Tracey Ann Foster
Naturopath, Beautician, Metaphysical Healer
Be. Salon & Spa, Shop 1/14 Middleton Street, Byron Bay
0413 432 584
[email protected]

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