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Byron Bay,

  • Zena has the key to the mystery of youth. She knows how to keep your neurons in a positive state, keeping your life force high.
  • Zena’s work can help you get the right answers in every situation. It can change the genetic, core, history and soul-level programs for ageing, health, wealth, increasing your vitality and confidence.

Zena Theta Healing Centre provides Theta healings, massages, reflexology, psychic readings, sound healings, Theta Healing courses, retreats and yoga classes. All practitioners are very passionate, working with the heart.

Zena, the founder of the centre, has 18 years of experience in Theta Healing, 25 years in reflexology and at her age of 72 she is inspiring! Living her life from the heart and with passion, Zena helps people around world to find how to live with authenticity and experience joy, happiness and the beauty of life.

The key to being young is to have passion and share it with others, no matter what your age. Zena helps you change genetic programs for ageing, to live your life with full potential, being happy, healthy, wealthy and doing something you love and sharing it with others.

Zena Gourevitch, Master of Theta Healing
4/95 Jonson Street, Byron Bay
475E St Kilda Street, Elwood, Melbourne
0409 302 548, 0411 216 570 (Byron Bay), 0413 387 398 (Melb)
[email protected]

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